We bust ours to kick yours

The NY Lady Cobras Softball Organization was established in 2004. We strive to bring quality, competitive softball to players in the Nassau County area. Our mission focuses on 2 primary objectives:

1). Identify young competitive female athletes who actively demonstrate the skill, commitment, and attitude to take the sport to the highest level.

2). Help strengthen their individual and team skills, challenge their competitive spirit, and in turn, prepare them to excel at the high school and collegiate levels.

...and three main skills:

1). Softball skills: teaching the advanced fundamentals skills and rules of softball and how to master those skills in order to advance to the next level of competition.

2). Personal skills: developing players' athletic ability to their full potential by promoting physical fitness and striving for perfection. Our players are encouraged to give 100% at all practices and games. They are taught how to listen, follow directions, have self-discipline, be responsible, have a strong work ethic, set and achieve goals, and to exhibit a positive attitude. 

3). Social skills: teaching our players to have respect for authority, their teammates, and their selves. Players will develop high morals and good sportsmanship. They learn the importance of teamwork, taking personal responsibility for their actions, and honoring their commitment to the team.

Our coaching philosophy and methods go well beyond teaching the basic fundamentals of fast pitch softball. We teach our players to learn the game and strategy of fast pitch softball. We feel that is very important that they fully understand everything that takes place on the softball field. One of our goals is to totally eliminate mental errors in tournament play.




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